Art of Seduction

Seduction—the word in itself rings a bell to sexual lust, pleasure, and desire. But seduction isn’t confined only to the walls of luring the one you love. It is an art of persuasion and influencing others to get your job done. From winning the heart to bagging promotions, the world functions on how well you influence others both with words and your action.

How to Sensually Massage your Partner?

If you want to give a woman the night of her life and turn her into a blissed-out puddle of mush (that will be talking to her friends about you for weeks afterward), then look no further than the sensual massage.

Everybody likes sex, but the dynamic of a sensual massage is something entirely different. Because it’s all about her receiving from you.

15 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples

In the modern age & time, we have forgotten how to deal with a person who is going to be constantly beside you. Maybe nagging you, fighting with you, ordering around chores, making out with you, or loving you leaps & bounds.

In these time of Social Networking, we face so many distractions that being constant is the new rare & we should do all it takes to re-learn the idea of Constant Love

On Gifts for Women

In the millennia that have followed, homo sapiens invented the wheel, the laptop, the foam fan finger, and put a man on the moon. But men have not yet developed a system for buying the women in their lives meaningful gifts for special occasions. As a public service, I offer this gifting system for the homo sapiens.