The Not To Do’s Checklist

01.Not to Share your Card Details

Do Not Entertain any one who’s asking your card details not even the Government Officials, Your Bank Authorities, Your Friends because once you give away your CVV or other details of your card. You will no longer have control over the transactions on your card.

Don’t Be Like Jaideep Hansraj

02.Do Not Write Passwords on the Debit / Credit Card

This learning came from my very near relative. She was travelling from the railways and someone snatched her purse. She lost her cash & card in it too. Before she could realise within 25 minutes – more 25000 was withdrawn from her account. She had written all her passwords on the cards backside. It became very easy for the thrived to steal her money.

03. Do not share your OTP

Once in a movie about banking frauds, the woman promised an old man of a 20 day trip to Maldives asked for his Card Details & then she asked 6 digit Booking Code which was supposed to be the OTP but the old man had no clue of the scam. Eventually he lost 75000 Rupees.

04. Do not Submit Aadhar Card to anyone

As per the law, it is not required for any Indians to submit their Aadhar Card details to anyone. All Bank Accounts and Everything is mentioned on your Aadhar Card & it is supposed to be the most personal document.

If required, submit Masked Aadhar Card. You can go to the UID Aadhar Website and download your Masked Aadhar Card from them.

05. Don’t Unlock your Cards until you are going to use it.

Application Banking has taken the Banking World to a new height. With the App you lock usage of your cards until you know you are going to use it. Even if somehow you loose your card, you have password written in it, even though all of such mistakes if your cards are blocked – they won’t be able to rob from you. You can temporarily enable your card as shown below when you are going to make a payment or a transaction.

It is always better to keep your banking details safe and your hard-earned money safer. This Checklist will help you against any Bank Fraud. Please share more hacks down in the comment section for our The Fine Men community. Share with ones you care about.

-Rushabh Thakker

The Fine Men

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