The Social Media Detox

Social Media Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat have taken away our focus attention and time from us. These companies have gives us a few things and take a lot of things away. These platforms encourage creators to edit & put in PR’d version of their life making the others feel FOMO & go into depression. On an average a person spends approximately 1.5 hours on Social Media Platforms each day. That’s a staggering 6.25% of your day. I do understand leaving the social media would be difficult for some people but you can take a vacation from being online and realise the following the things might change in your life.

Pro’s of Social Media Detox

Reprioritises In-Person interactions

Prevents from Information Overload

Improves Work Productivity

No FOMO No Depression = Happiness

Enjoying the Present

Lesser Distraction

Better Sleeping

We Hope that this Detox is in your benefit. Don’t worry about withdrawal symptoms, they generally go in about day or two.

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-Rushabh Thakker

The Fine Men

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