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We just came across a fantastic website to check your Clients Balance Sheet. This will help you to make a Smooth & Sound financial decsision.

In India, Unless you are a bank, there were no way to know whether the Clients you are supplying to – are in a good financial position or in a complete mess. You can save ton of money and efforts simply by not supplying to these clients with a bad situation and indirectly save lacs of Rupees & tons of efforts.

This tool helps you top ascertain your clients Credit worthyness , Pending Trade Payables, Companies Net Worth and Other Interesting Points, if you look into the Balance Sheet & Understand the Profit & loss Statements of the company.

The Only Catch to this is that only Private Limited Companies registered under the MCA India. But Never the less its a step in the right direction to save lakhs of Rupess & Miliion Efforts for your company.

The Website Name is – You can download the latest return of one year for approximately – Rs.250/-

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Rushabh Thakker

The Fine Men

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