Hacking the Growth Productivity

Productivity is the most important thing when we talk about being a profesional. We always talk about 2x-5x growth when we plan about the upcoming year, but sometimes we cant reach our goals because our producitivity is based on the current load of work and your employees do not understand the importance of growth productivity and sincerely we are short of the right people or the right machinery at the right time. How can you as an entreprenuer manage your desired growth level without burning out. Once your Business enters a stage of Growth,you will have to add a lot of more resources to keep the chart going up, Reassess everything to create gracefully and control peacefully if there are some mistakes happening inside the company. One thing that helped me is being Just and True to my team because they are like a pillar to the company, if they are feeling great – My Clients will feel amazing.

Growth Producitivty Mindset

1.Filling the Gaps:- We have to fill in the gaps as the entrepreneaur on days where your people have to take a day off or have to do work of the new employee until you find the right person.

2. You will require new service partners :- You might require new service partners like Logistics Partners, Pakaging Partners etc. Hence you will have to meet and negotiate will a lot of people relentlessly.

4.Sync Requirements in Real Time to avoid problems:- This is a serious responsibility “Syncing your requirement”. Everything that hapens in a company is corelated to one – another in the same way your growth chart needs inter-dependibility marked out for smooth operations. For Example, We had to do the Electicity Connections for our new workstations and at the same time we had to install a lift and we had to ensure connections with the CCTV & Computers. We held 4 meeting – 1 with individual service providers and 1 meeting together with all integrations telling them about the timelines. We ensured that the workstation was up & ready on Due date.

3. Better Machinery for Better Productivity : My Father always says “that a person should always Invest in Metals – Metals have the Longest Recurring Revenue Generating Systems.”

5.Design your workplace in such a way to minimize operations flow time.

6. Talk to your Vendors for Extra Credit Limit & Talk to them how is your work going :- They do need to understand that your business is going smooth and then only they will increase their Exposure to your business. You need bond well with your vendors.

7. Asess and Reasess the requirement of all your people if they are overloaded share the load with them or hire a new intern and if they are underloaded with work – delegate them with extra reporting jobs & teach Leadership to them and ask them about their input on current systems of the company and how can it be better, because when tomorrow your company will grow you will appoint additional staff to assist them and they need to understand what their future role in this company is – in the upcoming year.

8.Operations Call:- With so many meetings with Clients and Vendors and New Staff Hirings you will be only restructuring and your connect with the company will diminish a little. Here is where major companies fail because the team has no idea what to do, when to do and how to do. Ensure you call your team and to talk to them about what is going on and what needs to be done at priority. Every Single Day

9. Renegotiate Credit Terms or Fire clients who are blocking your Credit to much. Cashflow is the Lifeline of any Company. Dont let your clients use it up and let you dry. Renegotitate Either Credit Period or Credit Limit with them.

10. Design Sytems and Automate it :- Systems are the most important thing in any business and only systems can change the route of your company to success, As a Business Owner – Your Attention should be to remove the daily issues by creating a system which reduces the issues of your employees and clients.

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