How to Promote your Business for Free?

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We love when our businesses do not require the huge expenses of promotion and other marketing expenses. You must have heard of companies like Truecaller or IRCTC or Uber from a user and not an advertisement in the initial phase of the company’s launch.

Major Start up Companies like Flipkart in the initial days have spent upto 100% of cash flow from operations on promotions and ads.

Cash Flow being the back bone of any business – How could we save our cash flow and not spend any thing promotions? The answer lies in the theory of Delta 4.

The concept of “DELTA 4” is shared with us by the Founder of CRED – Mr.Kunal Shah.

Delta 4 requires a user to rate the original “EXISTING” service from 1 to 10 – 10 being the best and the ratings must also be given to the new service “INNOVATION” that you or your company is offering.

Let’s take the example of Booking a Railway Ticket. In the earlier system, a person had to go to the station, stand in the Que at early in the morning for long hours (Waste Precious Time). Sometime people had to even stand in scorching heat for hours before their turn could come. Then, if luckily the ticket is available – take a ticket. A person who has used this system rates this at 3. Now, let’s add irctc app & website to this ecosystem. You’re in the comfort of your house, you book a ticket & the ticket gets emailed to you within 5 minutes. Hands down , IRCTC was very productive in this ecosystem & users have rated this at 8.

So the difference between first & second rating is more than 4. (8-3=5) Hence, this app will not require any kind of advertisement budget post it launch because people will spread the word of mouth because of its increased productivity & would love share a Golden Stamp to their friends and family.

None of us has ever heard about an advertisement or Truecaller, for me it was my friend who wanted to Golden Stampify this and told me give me any number and I will tell you whose number it is. Like a magician, he was right all the time. This Golden Stamping was done by me & rest of my friends & then their friends. The ratings in this case are 0 to 8. This case was Delta 8.

If you have any Golden Stamps for Delta 4 companies, I would be glad to give them a shout out.

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-Rushabh Thakker

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