Project Management – The Fragmentation of Projects & Time Blocking

Productivity, Time Blocking, Fragmentation of Projects 

As a Leader, you have multiple projects on your plate at once. It could be getting your sales team trained under someone popular or it could be Installation of a new SAP system at your office or it could be getting a new Machinery or a New Place for Work whatever the task at hand you have. Break it down into multiple fragments so it becomes easier & do-able.

There are processes involved in everything that you do.

If you have to do the training, for example, you will have to email everyone  – so put up an email reminder on a certain time, Then it could be to talk to industry experts about the same, 3rd thing could be setting up a couple of meetings with your team & the Expert, the other task related could be of getting feedback from the employees and the final thing would be evaluating the process.  .

If you time block your fragmented projects every thing becomes easy and do able and you know which part of the deal youre stuck at. 

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Rushabh Thakker 

The Fine Men 

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