Inspirations by The Fine Men of India – Jamshedji Tata

A meeting in New York

In 1901, Jamsetji Tata visited USA in search of technical expertise to help him establish India’s first steel mill (Tata Steel). The best engineering expert to undertake this – Charles Page Perin. How could he convince Perin to leave the comforts of New York and relocate to India?

Here is the story, recorded by Perin himself.

“The door opened and a stranger in strange garb entered. He walked in, leaned over my desk, looked at me in silence. Finally, he said in a deep voice, Are you Charles Page Perin? I said, yes.

Then slowly he said – I believe I have found the man I have been looking for...I am going to build a steel plant in India. I want you to come to India with me, to find iron ore and coal..I want you to take charge as my consulting engineer…(we) will build the plant wherever you advice, and I will foot the bill. Will you come to India with me?

I was dumbfounded, naturally. But you don’t know what character and force radiated from Tata’s face. And kindliness too. Well, I said. Yes, I will go. And I did.”

Sometimes, an inspiring person, a single powerful meeting, transforms one’s life.

Would you agree?

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