Destiny & Friendship Quote

Corona Virus has pushed every one to the end of the cliff. All companies, specially the ones who were in the expansion mode, Pre-COVID faced a lot of problems & challenges.

We as a company, faced a lot of machine problems, not in 1 or 2 but there were series of problems in all of the 10 machines we have.

For small things like for a small screw also, we had to go to a distance of 60kms. Out of 10 machines 5 stopped working at once and no repairs were also possible as our repair men lived out of the state border. In such a time, only one thing could have saved us – a stitching machine.

All I could say to our industry friend before borrowing that machine from him was

“When the destiny doesn’t support you, only a friend can.”

We promised him that whenever he would be needing the machine we ourselves will come and lend him the same.

One day was saved!

Rushabh Thakker

The Fine Men

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