Maruti Ertiga Vs Honda Amaze – Cost of Insurance

We have 2 Cars manufactured by Maruti Suzuki & 1 manufacture by Honda.

Maruti Suzuki’s – Ertiga Model is 2 years old and the Quotation or the cost of insurance for these cars comes to approx Rs.18,000/- per car and the same for a 5 years old Honda Amaze comes to Rs.24,000/-. Please keep in mind the cost of the Vehicle & their due depreciation.

We just found out that the Indian Insurance Companies charge a higher cost for a car manufactured by Honda compared to that of which is Manufactured by Maruti Suzuki.



Mobilio-vs-Ertiga-2                                                                                                         Photo Provided by


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Rushabh Thakker

The Fine Men 

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