CEO Approach & Emergency Funds Post Pandemic

Emergency Funds & Budgeting post-pandemic 


Emergency funds are not your earnings they are funds which are your basic expenses if you’re not doing anything.

How to Calculate Emergency Funds? 

Calculate your list of basic expenses

  1. Food & Groceries
  2. Rent
  3. Car Maintenace & Insurance
  4. Electricity & Telephone Bills

For Example, your Basic House & Car Expenses is Rs.50000 x 12 months that’s an Emergency Fund of  Rs.600,000.

I know while reading this you might have thought how would that be possible. There’s no need to get overwhelmed. This is not to be done overnight. This has to be done week by week, month by month.

  • The New emergency fund should be of  1 year rather than of the earlier 3-6 months.
  • All your savings should be liquid.
  • You should do more side hustles.
  • We should follow the CEO approach.

C- Cut Expenses 

E- Earn More 

O – Optimize Expenses 

You should cancel your future expenses like if there you are planning to renovating your house you should cancel it. Cancel your GYM membership, New Phone Plan, Internet Plan, Trips and other things.

If you can not cancel it for some reason you should Call your service providers & Re-Negotiate with them and use words like Customer Retention or Talk to the Supervisors or go to basic plan & See what they can offer you.

Is it the right time to spending your emergency fund? 

Indeed this is a time of crisis, As Emergency funds are kept for the time of crises and family safety. If not now when would you spend on emergency funds?

– Rammit Sethie in a PODCAST

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