Dos & Don’ts To Keep In Mind While Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents For The First Time

Is it time already to take it to the next level in your relationship? Well, there are many levels in a relationship but the most daunting one, for men especially is meeting the girl’s parents. Don’t you agree with me?
There are many situations you can be caught in when you’re making your first appearance at you GF’s place. For instance, a very popular story doing the rounds on the internet talked about a guy who’d gone to meet his girl’s parents. At some point in time, he needed to use the loo. When he was done making number 2 (grave mistake) in her parents’ loo, he tried to flush the remains but to his horror, the offending content just wouldn’t go down the flush! (yes, that’s a possibility if you don’t chew your food well!). Well, what he did next was as unpredictable as the Mumbai weather!
He took a wad of tissue and picked up his poo and flung it out the window and very nonchalantly walked out to the lawn area where dinner was being served. Little did he realise the glaring eyes and red faces of her parents. Turns out, the piece of sh** he had thrown out the window had landed right in the middle of the lawn. Of course, the guy was mortified for life and that was the first and the last impression the supremely offended parents had of him!
Yeah, don’t be THAT guy! Here are some lesser-known dos and don’ts you can be wary of, to avoid any faux pas, if you’re meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time!


-Be On-Time

There is nothing more annoying than being late, while they’re all ready and set to meet you! Punctuality tells the parents that you’re responsible and considerate, something they look forward to seeing in their daughter’s boyfriend! Wear a watch and be on time!

-Show Respect To Their Daughter

Don’t ignore your girlfriend while you’re conversing with her parents. Involve her in conversations. This tells them a lot about how much respect you give her in general.

-Leave On-time

Don’t linger around longer than you should. If you’re done with dinner and dessert, start wrapping up the evening on your own. Don’t wait for them to hold the door open for you to leave!


-Don’t Be Too Obsequious

Although being rude is a big no-no, so is extra and unusual flattery. Just be yourself, let them see you for who you are!

-Don’t Make Number Two!

Didn’t you read the beginning of the article??

-Don’t Curse

That’s a heavy turn off, especially for parents who expect you to be polished and knowing! Cursing in anyway and any form is just uncool!

-Don’t Boast

It’s alright to have aspirations and share them but don’t go about telling her father that you’re going to be the next CEO of Google. He’s a lot older and wiser and he will catch you on your BS!

-Don’t Complain About The Food

Or anything for that matter! If you want to criticize something, maybe do it later with your girlfriend? Remember, it’s your first meeting and you need to just observe instead!

-Don’t Get Drunk!

Unless they’re pouring drinks down your gullet, learn to handle your drink! Because who knows, you might just start telling her parents what a fireball she is in bed!
At the end of the day, meeting the parents comes down to common sense. These are some simple dos and don’ts you can keep in mind if the big meet is in order.
Leave a lasting impression.
Ps:¬†You’ll do just fine!
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