Set Routine on Google Assistants

There are a million apps in our life which makes us just too operational. We wake up in mornings open messages, look at the weather, Read some news, listen to music, Open Our Calenders or We open our Maps to check the Traffic.

What if I would tell you that our Google Assistant, Can do that for us step by step if you just say a magical word. Does it make you feel prodcutive?

Ill share with you my Google Assistant Routine which helps me stay on track just by one command – Good Morning Google.

Once I say it. The Assistant does following routine.

Google assistant

Good Morning Chief!

1. The Temperature Outside is 24 Degrees, No Forecast for rains.

2. The distance to your office is 4kms and it will take 15 minutes to reach your office.

3. These are the following entries in your calender & your meetings for the day are ___.

4. Then she starts 5 minutes of News from 2 channels – Pre Selected by me.

5. Starts my music app and starts my music playlist.

I personally love this feature a lot.

You should try this on your google assistant and tell me how did this feature help you.


Rushabh Thakker | TheFineMen





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