30+ things to do during Quarantine

This is a weird time to be alive, am I right? I know there’s all sorts of talk of making the most of it and doing impressive things, but honestly, some of us are just trying to stay alive and some are trying to keep all their humans alive and we’re all just doing the best we can.

Our lives are still happening in this season, despite it being weird and likely very different than your normal life, and it’s my hope that putting some goals on a list (even small ones!) will be encouraging and helpful.


TOP 35 things which you can do during this Quarantine

  1. Write a letter to your grandparents.

  2. FaceTime your out of town friends.

  3. Work Out at home.

  4. Read Books.

  5. Binge a show on Netflix.

  6. Send snail mail.

  7. Try a new craft with supplies you have on hand.

  8. Take walks in your neighborhood. (Take Due Precautions)

  9. Meditate.

  10. Catch up on your podcasts.

  11. Re-arrange your man cave

  12. Clean a part of your house you haven’t touched in a while.

  13. Watch the sunset.

  14. Do a puzzle.

  15. Learn Cooking – A Must for Indian Men.

  16. Burn the good candles.

  17. Play a board game.

  18. Watch a good documentary

  19. Make a new music playlist.

  20. Rearrange some art or furniture around your house to freshen things up.

  21. Try a new hairstyle.

  22. Try learning a new language.

  23. Watch a TEDtalk.

  24. Leave podcast ratings and reviews for the shows you love listening to. (It helps a lot!)

  25. Try a new class on Skillshare.

  26. Research something you’re curious about.

  27. Make a new cocktail & let your girlfriend/wife rate on it.

  28. Do all your laundry.

  29. Unsubscribe from marketing emails. (This is my weekly task.)

  30. Delete old or duplicate pictures on your phone.

  31. Reorganize your bookshelves.

  32. Clean out your pantry, fridge, and freezer.

  33. Download a new game on your PlayStation or computer.

  34. Donate to a charity or give to a fundraising effort to support those who need extra support right now.

  35. Be Creative in Bed.




Originally written by Rachael A Dawson.





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