15 Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples

In the modern age & time, we have forgotten how to deal with a person who is going to be constantly beside you. Maybe nagging you, fighting with you, ordering around chores, making out with you, or loving you leaps & bounds.

In these time of Social Networking, we face so many distractions that being constant is the new rare & we should do all it takes to re-learn the idea of Constant Love

I have always believed in one thing that “In the time of crisis, lies an opportunity to heal yourself & your loved ones and to make sure you are going to be there for them”.

This is the Only Chance we might get to show our partners that we love them a lot is by spending a lot of quality time with each other. You should do one of the following things to spend some time with each other no matter how difficult it is, looking at the #WorkFromHome requirements or #WorkingInHome.


1. Candle Light Dinner – Remember to turn off your phones and just enjoy each others company.

Candle Ligth Dinner

2.Watching a sexy movie together in one bedsheet – No, I don’t mean porn exactly, but something like a 50 Shades of Grey might help you release a lot of adrenaline rush.

point 2








3. Ask Questions to Each Other – Be the Karan Johar of your spouse’s life, ask funny questions, emotional questions, anything which you think suits right.


4. Make Dinner together – Downright Romantic.

Cooking Together

5. Read Books Together – Sometimes we feel we want each other but we don’t feel like talking. This might happen to a lot of couples. What our solution to this was to read a book in peace holding hands or not. We try and give space & peace to each other like this.



6.Have a Terrace Picnic – Once a while, you should go under the moon & do a picnic. because that’s the only safe ‘out’ permitted under the Lockdown.

7.Solve a Puzzle – Come on we all are sapiosexuals.

Couple solving a puzzle

8.Read Books to Each other – You must read out books to each other, it is like traveling on the same flight to the same destination. Reading books with my partner is like traveling for me.

9.Create something from Scratch – Pottery, Drawing, Colouring, Nursery, Business anything you can think of.


10.Download Favourite Songs & Groove to it – Dance it out buddies.

11.Candle Light Couple Bath: Next Level Romantic  – We all have heard about candlelight dinners, but candlelight baths are the next-level romantic things. MUST TRY

12.Make a Bucket List together – Know her better. To Know more about this please visit our next blog post of Quarantine Bucket List by RACHAEL A DAWSON.



13.Massage her – You may seduce her or not, you may expect her to give you a message in return or not. But just massage her, it makes her feel good. REALLY GOOD.

Sensual Massages

14.Board Games – You can play chess, catan, monopoly, carrom or anything which you have at home. It helps you spend some time together.


15.Make lots of love together, being safe. We can keep out the great french kisses out for a few weeks for now.

Make Out



Be Great & Stay Safe.

Rushabh Thakker | TheFineMen






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