The Etiquette of Cab-bing!

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Car-Pooling services like Uber and Ola have nearly made taxis obsolete. While these services are similar to taxis, they, of course, aren’t exactly alike, so the rules of etiquette are a little different as well. Having good manners is even more pertinent in the world of ride-sharing, since (and not all riders know this), not only do you rate the drivers, but the drivers rate you too.

Especially if you’re a first-time or new user, it can be a little tricky to figure out the proper ride-sharing protocol. Below we offer etiquette tips to make the most of your (and your driver’s) experience.

Don’t Book it Early

Don’t make your driver wait. At the airport, don’t make your request for a car while you’re still on the plane. If you’re at a restaurant, don’t request a car before your bill is paid. You’re wasting the time of the driver by making them wait, you’re costing yourself money (you get charged a small fee by the minute if you make a driver wait more than two minutes), and it’s just plain discourteous to boot.

The only time to request a car before you’re actually ready is if you can see that it’s 5-10 minutes out. In those instances, you can request your pick-up early, but only by a few minutes, and only if you’re absolutely sure you’ll be ready once the car does arrive.

Don’t be Fidgety!

If you do sit in the front, don’t fiddle with anything — stereo, air conditioner, etc. You’d think this would be obvious, but it’s one of the top complaints of Ola/Uber drivers. Also, it is not expected of you to stain the car seats with food drinks etc.

Don’t Be a Backseat Driver

Just don’t do it! No.

Speak Up If Something Isn’t to Your Liking

If the temperature isn’t right, or music is too loud (or you don’t want music at all), speak up. The drivers generally want to please the customer and are happy to oblige. They obviously don’t know your preferences though, so you have to mention it if something is making you uncomfortable or bothering you. And if and when they do comply with your ask, you should definitely give that 5-star rating.

Freely Give 5-Star Ratings

Most drivers give riders 5-star reviews, and you should return the favour. It really helps drivers if they get rated well. If you have a good experience and have no complaints, don’t be stingy with a five-star review. Uber expects drivers to maintain very high ratings, and they can easily lose their gig if their score drops too low (rumours are that at Uber the number is 4.7). Now, if your experience was awful, then don’t be afraid to rate it as such, but in general, if the driver got you from point A to point B safely, that’s a 5-star ride.



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