Being a Gentleman at the Office

Respect the Hierarchy.

If you’re using the speakerphone, let the person you’re speaking with know who else is on the call with you before you begin the conversation. That way, they will not be confused when another person starts talking amid the conversation.

Bring Pizza / Chocolate / Cake to a meeting every once in a blue moon. This is really not expected but it’s never wrong to earn a few brownie points of your Colleagues.

Come late to meetings. It is plain rude if you’re not able to respect someone else’s time. A polite text always comes handy if you’re really stuck.

Eat other people’s food. This is a CRIME to do at your workplace!. The crime that launched a thousand passive-aggressive notes.

Let your personal life get in the way of your business life.

Revisit your old office. And now we return to the point made at the beginning of the article: the business world is different from the social world. In the social sphere, when you make close relationships, the expectation is that those relationships will last no matter where life takes you. At the office, you might develop relationships that feel very close with your co-workers, but once you move on, those relationships typically do too. When you leave a company to take another job elsewhere, don’t come back to your old workplace expecting to be heralded as a long lost friend. People will find the situation a little awkward and you a good deal lame.


What are some more dos and donts for being a gentleman at the office? Mention these in the comments!


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