One Day Utility Pay Off

Businesses, generally have a lot of bills to pay:-

  1. Multiple Mobile Phone Bills
  2. Multiple Staff Recharges & PrePaid Plans.
  3. Multiple Electricity Bills
  4.  Multiple Water Bills
  5. Credit Card Payments.
  6. Maybe a few RENT Payments as well.


So all in all, as an operations chief, I had to make around 25 payments a month. A Point to note was – each and every payment had a different cycle and different due dates. The result of this was that we had to send one person each day to stand in a queue for a couple of hours to deposit a cheque which resulted in UNPRODUCTIVE 50 hours a month.  

I happened to call my Utility Vendors & requested them to change the billing cycle of my bills. Well, most of them agreed to do that and some also suggested us to Pay it Online to save trouble.

We did exactly the same! On the 20th of Every Month, we pay bills Online and it hardly takes 45-50 mins to pay all of them.

You can also do the same and save a lot of man-hours.


Be great,

Rushabh Thakker | TheFineMen

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