How to book flight tickets?


Booking flight tickets can a cumbersome procedure and last minute price hike may hurt your wallet big time.



Hence follow these procedures to make sure you get the best ones.

1. Have your complete (itinerary) in hand before booking the flights

2. Make sure the timings that you put are correct and the dates too!!  ( Avoid the AM PM goof ups)

3. Use 2-3 websites to check the rates.

4. Also, check with the coupon codes

5. Some airlines offer you loyalty miles. Make sure you check out loyalty miles sections under airline agency’s website.

6. Web Checkin – ALWAYS WEB CHECK IN!

7. Do you airline bookings minimum 3 weeks in advance also try to fly on a Tuesday (That’s the cheapest almost everytime)

8. Keep a print of ticket handy.

9. Check out the List of Banned Things in the Airplane.

10. Security Check In can be a pain sometime. So Fly Light.


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