Get rid of the smell  –  Down there

Your bodily odour is only human and natural. It’s perfectly normal to smell musky down there. It has to do with a particular kind of sweat gland that is only present around your genitalia and that secrete a mixture of particular fluids that cause you to smell the way that you smell. It’s also a good sign because it tells you that, “Hey, you’re absolutely normal and probably aroused right now.” But, needless to say, sometimes you want to smell like there’s a garden growing down there and that’s great. It shows that you like to smell good and feel clean and fresh.
One way to achieve that is by splashing water on your goods whenever you frequent Mr Loo. Besides, you can always opt for products that are created to let you smell and feel fresh—you could try various powders that are talc-free, body washes that aren’t too harsh and if you want to be really meticulous, there are certain undercarriage-crafted products that help you achieve the same result. Just never use deodorant, or a cologne down there. You may never survive it. (We’re kidding. You will survive but it will be bad). Also, it can end up smelling really bad.

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