22 must haves for men

rtInside every man is a kind of sense, for what makes him a man. It’s a tough sensation to put it into words. It’s the weight of your Father’s tool box, the smell of your Grandfather’s Books, or a special edition whisky glass. Something just feels right, and you deserve to feel that in everything you own.

Years together there are new things added to this list, but for your comforts, we’ve compiled a list of such objects and tools that we think stands up to that intangible worth. If you’ve got recommendations of your own, please let us know in the comments below.

1. A well-tailored suit.

Every man must have at least a perfect suit, in which he can rock any kind of a celebration!



2. A pen that goes with your persona.

As much as your look is important, things that you use every day are also important. A Pen is used many times a day. A good pen which does well with your personality is a must!



3.Multi-purpose tool.

Your Multi-Purpose tool adds your some brownie point to our lives. A scissor, Knife, Opener, Cork opener and a tin opener altogether may get you out of a tough spot.



 4. An app to keep your schedule right.

Maintaining a schedule is very important for today’s men. There are many applications which prove to be handy. One of which I personally use is Google Calendar.


5. Business Cards.

Your business is you and you are your business. Keep your cards handy always, period.


6. A Mechanical Watch.

A man without a nice watch is incomplete.


7. A Polaroid camera.

Click.Flash.Instant Memories.


8.Classic Leather Wallet

A wallet holds an important place in man’s life. Make sure you do the wallet thing right.



9.Timeless Sunglasses.

Aviators! Always.


10. Great Stationery.

Some great stationery include: Handmade papers, Good Gift Wrapping Papers, Letter Envelopes, etc. (I do own a sigil, GoT fans know what I am talking about)


11.One Piece of Art

Bragging, sometimes becomes important, especially when the person in front of you doesn’t know anything about it.



12. Hidden bottle of whisky.


for victories which aren’t planned.


13.Shoulder Bag

One shoulder bag can carry a lot of things. My hard-disk, Pen Drive, Laptop, Kindly, Bluetooth Speaker, Keys, Notepad, Pen, iPhone chords, etc are all in one bag!





The sexiest clothing on man home is bathrobes. The smell of freshly bath men melts women.


15.A Tool Box

Repair! Repair! Repair!


16.Extra glove-box “protection” for your car.

May help you or your friends some day.


17.Barware for your kind of drink.

As weird as it sounds, you won’t drink whisky in the wine glass.




18. Bluetooth Speakers.

Instant sound hacks. Works when you are in your car, in a presentation or at work.




19.A collection of Something to keep the legacy on!

Could be coins or posters or flags. Now with the trend of demonetization all over the world, I am thinking to collect these currencies as well.



20.Couple of Blankets in the Car

Emergency doesn’t knock twice.wool_blankets

21. Cologne

I believe, smell seduces unconsciously.



22.The Fine Men’s Subscription


-Rushabh Thakker | TheFineMen

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