On Picking up bags

We men are biologically stronger. Men are thought to be strong, fertile and helpful. Even if you are rich and you have people picking up bags for you, I would suggest you must do it yourself. I’ll tell you why?

a) It makes you look strong, independent and a person they can trust.

b) You get to yell your entire way – ‘MOVE’ , ‘Hold the Door’, etc.

c) She knows you are Mr.Dependable.

d) You save the money you’d have to tip.

e) The perception about you would get stronger.

f) People will hear you out. Slowly it will start being a habit.

g) Good Karma.

h) You get the extra Brownie Points. (Expect a kiss on your cheek, a glass of water)

At the end it is about the perception about you. So don’t forget to carry all bags fro the Car directly to your house.

A little shouting on your way back is okay.


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