On establishing stamps

We all have recommended things in our lives – a friend in our office, a phone to our friends, a dish in some hotel, a new pub etc. These recommendations are nothing but your stamps. The better your stamps are the better is the perception about you.

If you still haven’t got a chance of establishing stamps, then start small, like showing a funny YouTube Video or it may be a new beer brand that you’ve discovered. It could be anything, which really has a value.

A good reason for establishing your stamps is people will gradually start trusting your opinion and will start going with your flow even in important matters.

Rules :

You should be the first one to try/publish/find it before your gang tries/shares/finds it.

Start Small.

Have an eye for new things.

Know what is Quality! –

People will take sometime to establish the fact that your stamps are golden.So, all the best establishing your golden stamps! A man with ‘Golden Stamps’ is always believed and trusted in.

So share your Golden stamps in the comment section, if you ever had one.

Rushabh Thakker | TheFineMen

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