The Tipping Game

Why Tip?

Every week we opt for a lot of services, for e.g. the bartender, the waiter, the lift man, the cleaner, the cab driver, the masseur etc. Generally these service people run on tips because their fixed salary is too low. The amount of tips from different people are collected in an entire month and is then divided ( in case of restaurants) between all the waiters as their pay package.

If you’re a good tipper you can expect fights to service you amongst the servicemen. That’s what a Urbman would want. A good tipper is always appreciated & given the best service in personal interest.

An average server relies on our tips for their income, We rely on the same server for great experience.

So to maximise your experience to the fullest every time, start tipping better and experience a note worthy difference in the services you avail. Certain people in a new place tip before ordering the meal to maximise the server’s attention.

There are percentages for tipping, consider them for tipping.

OK/poor service: 15 percent

Good service: 20 percent

Great service: 25 percent

Exceptional service: 30 percent

*or Rs.100 / person present on the table. ( which ever is higher ) 

*If the restaurant charges you “Service CHARGE”. Count your servers already tipped.

PS : A 20 Rupee in a 2000 Rupee bill is not considered tipping.

Drop in your comments and tell us what do you think about the tipping game. Also tell us the difference in service before and after tipping.

-Rushabh Thakker | TheFineMen




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