Always repay your debts

A man is known explicitly for his name, word and honour. The Urbman (Urban Man) doesn’t ask for money from his mates and bro’s. If it is unavoidable and catastrophic, promise him a date and remind yourself to pay a week ahead of your due date. Even if you have to create a google reminder for yourself, just do it!

This is the Urbman’s first rule because if your word is not respected, you are off the hook all the other times. In some cases we loose our friends in such situations. Even if that friend doesn’t affect you, your honour will somewhere be affected.

So always think a couple of times whether you really need that loan?



Rushabh Thakker | TheFineMen

Picture Courtesy : Google Images

URBMAN LAWS : Always repay your debts – #0001

“A Lannister always …..”



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